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From the towering Welsh mountains to the storm-swept Scottish coast comes a tale of betrayal and loss, deceit and passion. An epic tale of honor and the redeeming power of love. She glanced over her shoulder, back toward the stairs. When she turned around, she cried out, startled to find herself facing Jonah who now stood outside the attic door, holding a lamp. A crash. I thought perhaps lightning had struck the house and someone might be hurt.

He held up the lamp and studied her face. Are you all right, Miss Brown? A grown person afraid of a thunderstorm. She rested her hand on it lightly. His arms were rock hard from years at sea and working in the shipyard. I thought I heard howling up there a short time ago and then a crash. No doubt the crash you heard was Michaels. He tripped over an old trunk. My expertise is the sea. Ask me about whales and sharks and I could probably answer. Bats are another story. I miss the straightforwardness of being at sea.

The simplicity. Aboard ship, a man is valued more for what he knows than for his bloodlines. Her first story, a short erotic vampire tale, was accepted for publication in Since then she has sold over one hundred short stories, novellas and novels. When she's not working on her books, Kate enjoys reading, working out, spending time with her family and pets, and running the Compelling Beasts Blog, dedicated to antagonists, antiheroes, and paranormal creatures.

She also writes under the name Saloni Quinby. Casie, which releases Feb. Preorder today! Darla Maxwell, beloved by her parents has no prospects of marriage. Her father and Lord Ewan search to find her the right husband. She has visions that often come true. When revelations surface indicating Wesley has been deceived and his revenge misplaced. Will he find the truth of what really happened to his family in time to stop the pirates? Will Darla ever forgive him? Will he ever forgive himself? RUTH A. Her stories feature strong women and the men who deserve them, endearing flaws and all.

Lustful, dark, with a gleam in his eyes that made me shiver. When I let him go, will I wonder, what I had done? Her only plan is to be at the Burning Night Festival in Alaska on the longest day of the year. Along with leaving her husband behind, she is also leaving a sordid past that she hopes she will never have to revisit — unfortunately that is not to be.

Gaber: A tragic car accident. A new home. A tat-covered rebel who lives next door… one who refuses to get involved. Walker Callaghan, a natural risk taker, must join forces with Daniel Reid in a desperate race for survival where love is the most dangerous risk of all. The client hired me to trim a bush in his garden for a party. Were my raging hormones the cause of my bush sculpting blunder?

I mean, who would blame me if they were. But Adam Conley is only in town to fulfill his promise to his late cousin. Now he wants more. He wants to know her, see her, touch her… protect her. But who will protect her from him? Kindle Grace: Dr. Full-figured pastry chef, Grace Evans has deep reasons why she hides herself from others. The new night manager has been searching for his Little girl for years. He knows that he has found her.

Enchantment of a Highlander

Now, he just has to convince Grace. Left widowed and alone, Isabelle discovers a horrifying truth that threatens her future. Surrounded by friends who fear her and treacherous men intent on having her, she escapes to the wild Scottish Highlands where she meets a Scottish Laird who is determined never to love. Can two broken souls make one perfect love? As the balance of power shifts around them, the only way to stay alive is to find out who wants them dead. And why…. It is so wrong to want him the way I do. So, why does it feel so right?

I know how much it could go wrong! A Dozen Reasons D. I have throughly enjoyed this series. Dominic has his eye on the Irish beauty Olivia, and now all he has to do is convince her to marry him. Can their love survive a tragic twist and the opportunity of a lifetime? Unfortunately, growing up pulls them apart. It will take a miracle… or a mischievous matchmaker to bring them back together again. Her Caprice is a sweet Regency romance with magical elements. Lance could be the help she needs but he seems to have a mysterious past.

But Charlie has been holding a secret or her own for years too. Will they be able to keep the ranch from falling apart amid their budding romance? Laurie still has scars on her body and on her heart. She wants to forgive her mate, but first, he needs to be willing to forgive himself. Worst of all: She wants me to take her.

Our fondness for the absence of sound and light is what binds us. But it is also the biggest danger lingering between us. Because the madness always finds me. Even in the darkness. With a first-hand account of hell, he trusts nothing and no one. Sacrificing all, he must escape Scotland to survive. Emery Tanner is captivated — to the point of obsession — by the stunning Scotsman. And once he finally relents, he proves himself to be the dirty, delicious, demanding master of her wildest fantasies — with only one problem.

Williams: Logan Price is getting a second chance. Claire Thornton is going to make sure it counts. It only takes one kiss — one touch — for them to realize if they want their dreams to come true they need more than luck. They need each other. Grab this exciting standalone novel today! Arkadie: Billionaire Jasper Christmas was a tortured soul who was unable to love until Holly Henderson walked into his life. This thrilling, steamy, stand-alone Reverse Harem Romance is filled with humor, action, and suspense. It also contains sizzling hot MFMM menage sex, in single and multiple partner scenes.

HEA guaranteed! Mortal Annie Duran hires him to look for her brother, long thought dead. The quest leads them to a sinister conspiracy and unexpected passion.

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It may take more than magic and luck to save them this time. Being the chief hostage negotiator at a bank heist starts the process. Being stalked, kidnapped and beaten helps see it through. In the end, pulling the trigger comes easy…. An unforgettable romantic story of trial and triumphs! Very gripping and intriguing, this is the heart-wrenching first book of the Lovecarnation trilogy, a thought-provoking series about fate, destiny, and the timelessness of true love. A spy on a mission. A love neither can resist. Paris, As enemies trail them around the world, the only thing in more danger than their lives might be their hearts.

After her husband dies unexpectedly, Sassy struggles to find new meaning in her life. When she goes exploring in the Cohutta Wilderness, she falls through a hole in time, and finds herself in Indian Territory, , falling in love with Big Sexy Will Selk. She sweats holy water that burns demons to ash. The only luxury he allows himself are the sinfully sweet cinnamon rolls at the local diner.

This is an insta-love novella with a sexy cowboy ready to make the sweet little baker his. My father made it clear: I was no longer his son if I ever sinned with a man. But Connor Strong took hold of my heart the moment I saw on him. And he made that sin sound so, so sweet. I, however, love dark books and for me the darker the better.

The longer I stay in town, the harder it is to stay away from him. This is war. And he intends to win! Will Lord Aldric find the salvation he so craves with the one woman who can give him an heir? Will Endora save the one person she would sacrifice everything for? Then, he stole my heart. The first time I met Killian Kade he stole my car.

The second time I made him pay. Every time my body craves him. Her vibrant intelligence and ready wit instantly attract the jaded eye of the king.

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Once the Queen of England, Anne is expected to provide the elusive Tudor heir. A monk. An unthinkable sacrifice… When the choice is between love and life, how can anyone decide? Tessa Freeman risks it all to save girls from a slave ring. Captured, a mysterious debt collector comes to her rescue, however, he agrees to save her if she repays her debt to him, by completely offering him her body. Lust blurs her mind between two men arousing her senses, forcing her to decide who she really wants.

Until I meet her. The gorgeous, sassy social media princess who ignites my blood. Walker Delaney is a soap opera legend. He turns every head when he walks down the street.

They even put him on the cover of Oh Daddy! Part fairy godmother, part sorting hat, her methods might be unusual, but she always makes her match. For Lady Tempest Tapoate, marriage means an end to the tyranny of the aunt and uncle into whose care she was forced when her parents died. She would…. Bodden: Sophie returns to Hope Springs with three goals: say goodbye to her dying grandmother, survive life with her parents, and avoid Spencer, the man whose proposal she declined five years ago.

She finds limited success with the first two items. But avoiding Spencer proves impossible. As does denying her lingering feelings for him…. Nate Larsen desperately needs office help. When Gloria impresses him with her office skills, Nate sees her in a new light. The summer heats up and so do they. But will their desire for each other destroy them? Never in her wildest dreams did she think that would be at the helm of a wolf pack and at the side of four sexy shifters. An alpha male vamp. A sassy and reluctant heroine. Lies, danger, deceit, steam, and a symbiotic connection that means everything.

My only chance to see it through is to keep my heart closed off. This is a super steamy paranormal dragon shifter fantasy romance with an HEA and no cliffhangers. If you enjoy heart-stopping, engaging novels, then you must read Unforgettable Power — Love and Intrigue. Then he asks her to be his girlfriend — while he promotes his new album. Her body? Kindle Master vs. Except for Master Gallant, whose deft hand enflames her deepest, darkest cravings. Charles Gallant is in a tough bid for Parliament, and Miss Terrell is a temptation that could cost him everything… But this headstrong woman needs to be taught a lesson.

This Regency romance is wickedly hot! Catherine then finds herself in the midst of a bidding war. Should she marry for title? A fiercely independent helicopter pilot for the National Guard, Sookie is back in her hometown to fly her copter and help fight a fire, not to hook up with some junior firefighter from Alaska. The hunk in yellow and tan is off limits. If she can only keep her hands off him….

But the Ranch is in serious financial trouble. But neither Sabrina nor Trevor expected the sparks that ignite between them…. When the two are thrown together as part of a challenge, Sam sees the chance to win her back. But as their passion heats up, will it be enough to knock down the emotional wall between them? When Lukas realizes Madison Steele, the woman promised to one of his brothers in an arranged marriage, is his Angel, he steps in and marries her himself. This book is over the top naughty! Ally Lamore raised her childhood friends up so they could fly, while she hid from life with the memories of the man she loved years ago.

An inspiring story of friendship, love, growing up in s Australia and the magnificence of Renaissance Florence. Sometimes, the impossible happens. Erotic Romance. This deal is good on June 30, Kindle Nook Kobo. And it all seems to be connected to the one person he holds new-found affection for — soft-spoken maid, Celeste Singer… This deal is good on June 30, Kindle.

This deal is good on June 30, Kindle. But Abby could unknowingly harbor dark and dangerous sorcery… This deal is good on June 30, Kindle.

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This deal is good on June 27, Kindle. What Would a Duke Do? This deal is good on June 20, Kindle. This deal is good on June 20, Kindle Nook Kobo. But love between an alpha and an omega is strictly forbidden… This deal is good on June 20, Kindle. This deal is good on June 14, Kindle. Only he is to marry her sister… This deal is good on June 14, Kindle. This deal is good on June 13, Kindle. If I break that one golden rule Death will kill me, or I may begin the apocalypse… This deal is good on June 13, Kindle.

This deal is good on June 11, Kindle. This deal is good on June 11, Kindle Nook Google. This deal is good on June 10, Kindle. This deal is good on June 10, Kindle Apple. This deal is good on June 8, Kindle. When she is sent to France… This deal is good on June 8, Kindle. The author exploits this conflict to tell tales that bring out the best in both characters who come together as a couple This deal is good on June 8, Kindle.

This deal is good on June 7, Kindle. The Atlantis Crystal Dr. This deal is good on June 6, Kindle. Who Will Miss Carrie Marry? This deal is good on June 5, Kindle. This deal is good on June 1, Kindle. This deal is good on June 1, Kindle Nook Kobo. This deal is good on June 1, Kindle Kobo Apple.

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This deal is good on May 22, Kindle. Grace: Dr. This deal is good on May 21, Kindle. This deal is good on May 21, Kindle Nook Kobo. This deal is good on May 19, Kindle. In the end, pulling the trigger comes easy… This deal is good on May 19, Kindle. This deal is good on May 15, Kindle.

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She would… This deal is good on May 15, Kindle. As does denying her lingering feelings for him… This deal is good on May 15, Kindle. This deal is good on May 12, Kindle. This deal is good on May 12, Kindle Nook Kobo. Maybe… This deal is good on May 12, Kindle. Master vs.

If she can only keep her hands off him… This deal is good on May 12, Kindle. But neither Sabrina nor Trevor expected the sparks that ignite between them… This deal is good on May 12, Kindle. Words: 76, Dan Conway, wounded while healing a Comanche child, becomes a legend known as Pale Wolf, a hero, a healer, for curing the Comanche of the 'white man's disease'. Morning Light, sister to the great Comanche chief, has known great pain from the white man.

Yet this man, though forbidden, owns her heart. Words: 50, Published: October 12, Two Holiday Romance Novellas! Can Caroline trust the feelings that surface now that Adam is back in her life? Will Laura get her Christmas wish and he will stay? Words: 63, Published: July 24, Lane Winters has achieved her dream of being a famous singer. Ross Matthews is the lover she left behind. Now Ross is back and Lane finds herself working in his casino. Love is the easy part. Her secret could shatter both their lives. Words: 45, Morgan Anders answers an ad for an assistant to a screenwriter on his Canadian island retreat.

Kent Taylor is gruff, rude, as well as talented, handsome and occasionally tender -- a potent combination for a woman with a strict moral compass. Ann Lowry is a dedicated botanist researching the island of Kalai. Jay MacFarland considers her a little prude, much like the Victorian ladies who had come to his lush island a century ago. Can a rake like Jay lead Ann into temptation in his paradise? Words: 43, Millionaire Trudy St. Martin is being blackmailed. Ivy Murdoch, the gardener's daughter, is invited back to the estate, along with Trudy's family and friends, for Trudy's 80th birthday.

Caine St. Martin, Trudy's adopted son, finds Ivy's actions suspicious. Or is he keeping a close watch on Ivy for other, more personal reasons? Words: 53, Conover is hired to write the official biography of aging movie star Nora London. Nora's son, Adam, considers B. If these two had met under different circumstances, they could have found true love. But now, because of a mother's wishes, they must risk it all. Words: 60, Schoolteacher Kirstin Stevens wins the trip of a lifetime. A chance encounter with a man named Stefan on a deserted beach leaves her breathless.

But when she learns that he is Stefan Larousse, a prince of royal birth, she realizes she can never fit into his lifestyle. Can all his powers of persuasion give them their happily-ever-after? Kate Halloran is a business dynamo. She assumes her boss, Drew Carlson, is nothing more than a rich man's spoiled son. Driven to succeed, Drew admires Kate's capabilities. But the passion that rages between them catches them both by surprise. Day-care owner Casey Leary has a weakness for kids who need her. Luke Pierson's son is no exception.

But when she sees beyond Luke's cool facade into his pain, she can't fight the attraction, even though she knows they can never have a future together. Alexandra Porter was prim, practical, and determined to keep her private life separate from her work. The last thing she would ever agree to was a romance with the handsome company president. Clif Andrews had waited a lifetime for a woman he could love, and a child he could adore.

Now he could have it all. Now he had to convince the proper Miss Porter that their love wouldn't be improper at all. To pay her bills, Kendall McKinnon has opened her Maine home to guests. Her first paying guest, Neal Thomas, turns her lonely days into magic. But something from Kendall's past could shipwreck their new-found love. Seth Williams, brilliant writer-illustrator of children's books, has a reputation as an angry recluse.

When editor Jenny Mason is sent to his Maine farm to nudge him to complete his long-overdue manuscript, he resents her intrusion in his life.

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But this obstinate, sexy little woman fills him with long-suppressed desires, and the first faint glimmer of forgotten dreams. Words: 46, Michelle Miller Scott is appointed assistant to facilitate a merger between the company for which she works and Mico Industries, only to learn that the owner of the new company is an old love. Businessman Erick McCord has never forgotten the only woman who ever owned his heart.

Can these two keep things strictly business? Clint Donner left home to become a country-music star. When his beautiful, dark-haired manager, Jordan Hunter, spends a week at his secluded farm, their business arrangement blossoms into something more. One night of loving, and they're hooked for a lifetime. Price: Free! Words: 82, Published: February 23, Meredith MacAlpin, Scottish noblewoman, is kidnapped at the altar by infamous Highland Barbarian, Brice Campbell, and spirited away to his fortress in the Highlands.

Brice is desperate to bring peace to his people, but for that to happen, enemies must become lovers. Is love strong enough to defy even death? Words: 86, Published: December 9, Imagine his shock when next they meet at the Court of Charles I of England, where Courtney Thornhill is introduced as lady-in-waiting to the king's new bride, Henrietta Marie of France. Published: November 26,